Why a mobile fuel station?

We created POMP because we wanted to offer drivers and companies a new way to refuel. A modern and convenient way that frees up time in busy days for our users and eliminates a chore that is a pleasure for no one…. And most of the time a constraint. Days are filled with priorities, wasted time and stress. POMP eliminates all obligations linked to refueling.

Whether it is a detour once in awhile or a daily obligation for companies, the traffic and fuel consumption that produces the need to refuel are real. We launched the service in the Paris area where we know the reality of traffic and pollution. Each vehicle or fleet we refuel is a vehicle that will do less distance. Adding all these eliminated trips to the fuel station equals to a real decrease of CO2 emissions.

POMP objective is to contribute, at our level, to a better life experience, but also accessible to everyone. Our distribution channels and logistical chain allow us to offer affordable prices to our users.

Progress is made of an aggregation of individual actions with or without link between them. At POMP, with our action, we hope to contribute to progress, today, and even more tomorrow with new services and initiatives.

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