Employees POMP Offer

POMP offers a tailor made fuel delivery service for employees. Thanks to our simple and quick registration system, employees can easily benefit from our service. Just a few clicks, no long term commitment needed.

Employees spend enough time on the road, in traffic jams, everydays, mornings and evenings. By offering them a refueling service for their vehicles while they work, POMP improves their quality of life and productivity.


Extra time on busy days

Wellbeing at work

Support overwhelmed employees and those with disabilities by offering them fuel delivery and contribute to the improvement of their quality of life.

Less trips

With an average of 68 minutes of round trips everyday, to go to work in Ile-de-France (Source: Ministry of Labor ), one less detour makes a difference.

Less Stress

Stress is a nuisance against which companies are actively fighting. No longer having to worry about a full tank contributes to a reduction of stress.

More savings

Thanks to our competitive prices, we aren’t more expensive than fuel stations and you won’t need to spend fuel on your way the fuel station.

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