General informations

What is POMP?

POMP is the world's first European mobile refueling service. We’ve created the mobile filling station that comes to you to refuel your vehicle on site, ending the need to go to a filling station.

Do you offer any other car type services?

POMP will be offering a number of different services in the future.

Is POMP bad for the environment?

The opposite is true! Every time you skip a trip to the fuel pump, you help the planet. We’re excited to share how many tons of CO₂ emissions we’ve eliminated (together) since our launch.

How do I contact POMP Customer Support?

Phone: In France please contact: +33 1 82 88 57 25 Email: support@pompfuel.com

What are POMP’s Customer Support Hours?

We are open from 10 AM CET to 5PM CET Monday to Friday excluding holidays.

There is an emergency, who shall i call?

If it's a real emergency please call 112. If it's anything else our customer service number is +33 1 82 88 57 25 or you can email us on support@pompfuel.com


Puis-je me faire livrer dans la rue si ma voiture est en panne ?

Pour des raisons de sécurité, notre politique de livraison ne nous autorise qu'à effectuer les ravitaillements de carburant dans un parking privé. Nous n'assurons donc pas de livraisons sur la voie publique .

How long does it take to get fueled up?

The exact same amount of time as in a filling station. In fact quicker as POMP does everything for you.

How will you be able to find my car?

Your car must be parked within the allocated parking zones. With our POMP dispatching driver app our drivers are able to locate the parking location of your vehicle. During the order process you are advised to put the maximum amount of information you can in relation to the location of your vehicle in order to facilitate the driver.

What if you cannot find my particular car?

In the unlikely event that the driver cannot find your car our customer service team will try to contact you directly. Remember your car must be parked within the correct parking zone that you have selected while making your order.

What if my car is parked within a parking garage?

POMP can access all private parkings, underground or aerial. We give ourselves the right to refuse or accept certain parking lots if they don't comply with our safety standards.

Do your drivers work when there is bad weather?

Yes, POMP works in all weather conditions. Unless we cannot reach your car or it is not within the confined parking zone stated while making your order your car will be filled up.

How do you assure that billing is accurate?

All of our meters are MID certified and connected with our servers. Data is communicated to our customer service which then validates the payment. Every transaction follows a double ledger system between the fuel dispensed and the amount to be charged to the client.


How much do I have to pay for the fuel?

Our customers pay an average of the fuel price in your area.

How do I pay for the fuel?

In the registration process you will be asked to enter your credit card details. Once your car has been refueled your card will be debited shortly after and you will receive a receipt.

How do I get a receipt?

Your receipt will be emailed to you after your card gets debited. And you can always access your past orders on your account.


What different kinds of fuel types do you offer?

Currently we offer a few different types of fuel. Diesel / Diesel Premium, unleaded 95/98 and Premium.

Is it quality fuel?

Yes all of our fuel is high quality provided by the oil majors, quality control checks can be verified regularly on our blog.

What times are you open and available to fuel up cars?

We operate 24/7, but your specific parking location might have specific schedules. Please check on our website for more information.

What is your cancellation policy?

If your request for cancellation has been done 24 hours before the driver is due to refuel you will not be charged. If the cancellation comes within 24 hours prior to refuel you will be charged a €5 penalty. For a full breakdown of our cancellation charges visit our terms and conditions.

Que se passe-t-il si votre pompiste abîme accidentellement ma voiture ?

Tous nos pompistes sont formés et ont obtenu un certificat à la suite de cette formation. Si malheureusement nous abimons votre voiture, nous disposons d’ assurances couvrant l’ensemble des dommages subis.

What information is needed to register?

Your name, license plate, phone number, email and your payment debit or credit card and you are ready to order!

Can I specify how much fuel I would like?

Yes. You can always choose Full Tank or any quantity or a specific number.

How many cars can I add per account?

You can add as many cars as you would like.